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You managed to stumble your way through Livejournal to matsu_miya! An open fan community for the snarky pairing, Matsumiya. Which of course stands for Matsumoto Jun and Ninomiya Kazunari of Arashi. This is a place where fans can interact with each other and share anything related to the pairing. Whether it's graphics, scans, subs, fanfics, videos etc. Please just follow the simple rules accordingly. Happy posting! =)
+Online clips
+Subbed clips

+False Advertisements
+Sales posts
+Execessive spamming
+Re-posting/uploading without permission

1. Well first off, common sense, the posts has to be related to this pairing. XD Fanworks/stuff that are somewhat, slightly or hinted towards Matsumiya are welcomed too.

2. Friends-lock posts such as mature themed fanworks and media (subbed videos/music).

3. Lj-cuts! Once again, keep everything adult-related under cuts. I'm sure the younger audience doesn't want a big pron fic/art popping up on their screen. Fake-cuts are no problem, but make sure it does not lead to locked posts!

4. Please use the tags listed! It makes navigating everyone's posts much more easily. If you're unsure of which tag it fits under, the mods can always automatically correct it.

5. No full videos of their variety shows here please! Subbed or not. That's why we have fansubbing communities for that. Short clips are fine though as long as they feature Matsumiya in anyway and not all of Arashi. (also interviews/appearances/concert moments etc). Online and streaming clips are welcomed.

6. For birthday posts, there will be a main entry where everyone can comment on rather than making seperate entries.

7. Spamming. If you see certain news, rumors or whatnot that's already been posted then there's no need to make another one. Picspams ok but make sure not to go too crazy!

8. Do not advertise anything here that's not somehow related to Matsumiya please!

9. Do not re-post or upload other's files without their permission. If it's an image you got off Google. Fine. If you're unsure of where it came from. Sure. But please don't take other's works and re-post without asking so. Especially if there is clearly a watermark on it!

10. CREDIT! It's one thing to ask permission, it's another to properly credit the makers if they ask you to.

11. Preview images are allowed up to 2 outside an lj-cut. Max: 450x450 pixels; use your own judgement and just make sure it's not TOO big. =) For icons, 3-4 previews are good.

If you're unsure or confused about anything at all, don't hesitate to contact the maintainers/mods: katokathy
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